Suspension Trainer


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Adjustable size
This product comes in a designed carry bag
Includes a door anchor and fixing strap
Color red/black
Made from natural latex, iron hooks and PP belt

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The Suspension Trainer of Ruthless Athletes is the best functional trainer on the market! This product helps train on Athletic Skills like strength, explosiveness and stability! The Suspension Trainer is an essential part of an athlete’s strength and conditioning training. This functional trainer is the ideal product for a complete upper and lower body training.

This product is ideal for functional training. For sports such as athletics, basketball, hockey, football and all other field sports it is very important to train sports specifically and to take your stability, strength and explosiveness to a higher level. You can also train well at home with this functional trainer. With the Suspension Trainer it is possible to perform different strength exercises with which the athlete can train chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, back and core.

With the Suspension Trainer it is possible to perform a wide range of exercises. With this product you bring your training to a more versatile and professional level. The Suspension Trainer is very handy to train at home and is suitable for athletes who want to get the most out of themselves.

The Suspension Trainer makes it possible for athletes to train the legs, buttocks, hamstrings, calves and many more muscle groups by doing all your strength exercises with your own body weight. Develop overall body strength and body control by improving core muscles.

This product is easy for the athlete to use. The Suspension Trainer has a handy click system to attach the cables and the cables are adjustable. This product has the option to extend the cables extra by means of an extension that is included. The Suspension Trainer also comes with a door anchor and carrying bag, making the product convenient to take with you to train anywhere. This product is made of natural latex, iron hooks and PP strap and comes in red / black color.

Athletic Skills

Strength: Practice resistance training with isometric, concentric and eccentric movements to improve muscle strength.
Explosiveness: The ability to generate high action velocities, critical for quick movements such as sprints and jumps.
Stability: Develop overall body control, by improving core muscles for static and dynamic balance. 


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