Sport Cones


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One set includes 16 sport cones, 4 each: yellow, orange, red and black
3 inch/7.6 cm tall
This product comes in a designed carry bag
Made from LDPE
Flexible material
High visibility colors

In stock

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The Sport Cones of Ruthless Athletes are the best products on the market for a fast and good training session! This product helps to train on Athletic Skills like acceleration and slowing down! The Sport Cones cannot be missed in the strength and conditioning training of an athlete. These cones, also called small hats, are ideal for running and sprint training.

For sports such as athletics, basketball, hockey, football and all other field sports, it is extremely important to train sports specifically and to take your acceleration and deceleration skills to the next level. The Sport Cones can be used on different surfaces such as a playing field, grass, artificial grass, hall or on the street.

With the Sport Cones it is possible to perform a wide range of exercises. With this product you bring your training to a more versatile and professional level. Due to the striking color combination, the cones are perfect for setting out your training in the evening!

By using the Sport Cones you can be creative in organizing your own training methods. It is important to start each workout with a warm-up. These cones are ideal for organizing such a warm-up for the athletes.

This product is easy for athletes to use. The cones are made of flexible material (LDPE) so they can take a beating and do not break if someone stands on it. The sport Cones are supplied in a carrying bag and are therefore handy to take with you. A set of these cones contains 16 cones, 4 of which are each in the same color, yellow, orange, red and black.

Athletic Skills

Acceleration: The change of velocity that allows an athlete to reach maximum velocity in a minimum amount of time.
Deceleration: A rapid change in velocity over a minimal amount of distance or time, often in response to an external factor.


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