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A set includes 2 handles and 2 cables (black & red) incl. accessories
Unique design
Rubber / plastic handles and a stainless steel cable
This product comes in a designed carry bag
Color red / black

In stock

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The Jump Rope of Ruthless Athletes is currently the best skipping rope on the market to participate in a good fitness training! This product helps to train on Athletic Skills such as fitness and stability! The Jump Rope is an essential part of an athlete’s strength and conditioning training. This skipping rope is ideal for a functional training.

For sports such as athletics, boxing, kick-boxing, basketball, hockey, football and many other sports, it is very important to train sports specifically and to take your fitness and stability to a higher level. You also train at home with this Jump Rope. With the Jump Rope it is possible for the athlete to do an ideal leg and core workout.

With this product you bring your training to a more versatile and professional level. This Speed ​​Rope is very handy to train at home and is suitable for athletes who want to get everything out of themselves. The plastic handles have a rubber grip so that the grip remains optimal! This Jump Rope is very easy to adjust in length by means of screws. It is possible to temporarily adjust the skipping rope, but also to do this permanently by cutting it.

The Jump Rope is equipped with metal ABEC 7 bearings, making the rope of this Jump Rope very flexible. This ensures speed and an even better training session. By training with the Jump Rope from Ruthless Athletes you develop your overall body strength and body control.

This product is easy for the athlete to use. The Jump Rope from Ruthless Athletes comes with extra accessories! Each Jump Rope contains an extra rope in the color red. The Jump Rope is supplied in a carrying bag, so the product can be carried easily to training everywhere. The Jump Rope is made of rubber / plastic handles and a steel cable, this product comes in red and black.

Athletic Skills

Jump Force: Improve the outcome of jumping and landing performance.
Coordination: The ability to move two or more body parts under control, smoothly and efficiently.
Explosiveness: The ability to generate high action velocities, critical for quick movements such as sprints and jumps.


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