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Acceleration Trainer


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Build up resistance and use the release method to train a variety of skills
With the 360° rotation belt, the acceleration trainer can be used in any direction
This product comes in a designed carry bag
Innovative training method
Color red/black
Made from natural latex, iron hooks and PP belt

Out of stock

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The Acceleration Trainer of Ruthless Athletes is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to improving your athletic performance. It is one of the most innovative ways to train on Athletic Skills such as acceleration, explosiveness, strength and speed! This unique resistance band with release method cannot be missed in an athlete’s strength and conditioning training.

This product is ideal for training on sport specific movements. For sports such as athletics, basketball, hockey, football and all other field sports, it is extremely important to train sports specifically and to take your acceleration and top speed to a higher level. It is possible for the athlete to build up resistance in any direction and your training partner has the option to use the release method at any time to allow the athlete to accelerate!

With the Acceleration Trainer it is possible to perform a wide range of exercises. Together with your training partner you now train at a professional level. The Acceleration Trainer is the best resistance trainer available on the market. This resistance trainer is suitable for athletes who want to get the most out of themselves and want to improve on various athletic skills.

The Acceleration Trainer can be used in any direction with the 360 ​​° rotation belt. This direction change literally puts a great spin to the Acceleration Trainer, now it’s possible for athletes to train sideways (left and right) and backward with resistance. The Acceleration Trainer also makes it possible for athletes to improve their sprint technique, by using the gear from a static sprint position with resistance.

This product is very comfortable and is easy to use for the athlete and training partner. The functional rotation belt has a unique release method, handy click system and is easily attached to the athlete with a Velcro closure. The length of the cord with handle on which the athlete builds resistance is 1.5 meters long. The product is made of natural latex, iron (D) rings and PP strap and comes in red / black color with a handy carrying case!

Athletic Skills

Acceleration:  The change of velocity that allows an athlete to reach maximum velocity in a minimum amount of time.
Explosiveness: The ability to generate high action velocities, critical for quick movements such as sprints and jumps.
Speed: Improve sprinting speed for the maximum possible duration.
Strength: Practice resistance training with isometric, concentric and eccentric movements to improve muscle strength.

1 review for Acceleration Trainer

  1. Arjan Torabi

    Ik gebruik dit product zelf na elke voetbal training en ben erg tevreden mee. Ik gebruik het 2-3 keer per week en ik boek nu al progressie. Mensen om mij heen zijn er ook erg enthousiast over!

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