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Acceleration Trainer & Speed Trainer

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These products come in a designed carry bag
 With the 360° rotation belt, the acceleration trainer can be used in any direction
Build up resistance and use the release method to train a variety of skills
The speed trainer includes 2 resistance levels
 Color red / black
 Innovative training method
 Made from natural latex, iron hooks and PP belt

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The acceleration trainer and speed trainer are unique products and are game changers when it comes to athletic performances. Combining the acceleration trainer with the speed trainer is the best way for athletes to improve their athletic skills such as: acceleration, speed, explosiveness and strength. The acceleration trainer can be used in any direction with the 360° rotation belt. With the unique release method athletes are able to improve their explosiveness and ability to accelerate. Challenge yourself by combining the speed trainer with the acceleration trainer and add more resistance to your sprints and your lateral movements. These products are incredibly useful for a wide variety of exercises. The speed trainer comes with two resistance levels. Compete on a higher level using the acceleration trainer and speed trainer.

Athletic Skills

Acceleration: The change of velocity that allows an athlete to reach maximum velocity in a minimum amount of time.
Speed: Improve sprinting speed for the maximum possible duration.
Explosiveness: The ability to generate high action velocities, critical for quick movements such as sprints and jumps.
Strength: Practice resistance training with isometric, concentric and eccentric movements to improve muscle strength.


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